Speaking Less, Listening More: Ways It Can Transform Your Business

When you study to become an insurance agent, there is a plethora of information and knowledge that you have to commit to heart. Unfortunately, this can often lead to forgetting what your business is in the first place: people. All the expertise in the world won’t help you sell insurance if you fail to connect with prospects. That’s why we’ve always been big proponents of speaking less and listening more when it comes to meeting with your clients in person.

(And you should be meeting with them in person in spite of the speed and convenience that modern tech provides.)

Here are some ways that adopting this mindset can transform your business from muddling through or getting by to truly successful.


It makes a customer less likely to shop around.

As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, customers tend to jump ship every two or three years. While they may be looking for the best price at first, that’s not what they truly want out of their insurer when you consider this behavior. Price is attractive for getting someone in the door, but if there is nothing there to keep them, then they will always feel like they can do better elsewhere. Insurers who take the time while the customer is in-house to listen to their needs are far less likely to lose them after that critical two- to three-year window. By knowing what they need and tailoring business to meet where they are in life, they begin to feel like they’d be walking away from too much only to start all over again.


It leads to good referrals.

Here at Hometown Quotes, we work hard to give insurance agents the best leads in the business, and that’s not something you should take for granted. Leads should always be a part of your marketing funnel, but you shouldn’t depend on them solely if you want to be successful in the long term. You should use the leads that are converting as conduits to other business. By speaking less and listening more, you can get the details about your client that will allow you to truly over-deliver on service, and that doesn’t just make for a happy lifetime customer. It also leads to good, solid referrals and the chance to repeat the process all over again.


It allows you to pivot better in your approach to existing and future clients.

Pivoting is such an important part of succeeding in the business world, and that is no less true in the insurance industry than other sectors. When you learn a product and all the rules, regulations, and legalese involved with selling it, you tend to get rigid in your thinking. That type of tunnel vision can make you stiff in your approach to sales, and it can mean missed opportunities because you’re too busy trying to push what you know instead of learn from what your prospect is trying to tell you. By speaking less and listening more, you can break this cycle and pivot when your prospects are telling you to, thus serving them better and generating higher revenues over time.


In Summary

The insurance industry may be in a state of change as customers flock online to research and, yes, buy insurance products directly. But the agent who is able to speak less and listen more when dealing with a prospect stands a much better chance of cutting through the change and achieving success. Look for ways that you can learn from what your insurance leads are telling you and try to make sure that you are always adapting and never closed off in your thinking.

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