Social networking for your insurance business

As technology evolves and the world continues to get smaller and smaller, more people are relying on the speed and instant gratification of the Internet. Although we may feel more connected with each other, are we really?

I bookmarked an article in Agent’ Sales Journal a few months back that confronts this question. In the “Prospecting Corner” column of ASJ, writer and business consultant Joanne Black discusses how insurance professionals are relying on online mediums such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to build rapport with prospects and customers and some are focusing on social media alone to generate quality leads. She explains that many insurance agents are decreasing face time with prospects and solely focusing  on online social mediums.

Although I don’t know I agree that insurance professionals are reducing personal interactions, I do agree that more and more agents are leveraging social media for their insurance businesses. Black points out three key points that emphasize how social media can boost business and increase your brand recognition:

Improved SEO – Social media helps you to hone in on specific search terms which, in turn, bring more traffic to your website.
Researching prospects and customers – Social media allows you to see what activities prospects/customers enjoy. You learn details you otherwise may never learn about.
Expand your network – Social media gives you the opportunity to see who your networks are connected with and deepen your networks as well.

Many insurance agents are using social media to their advantage. While it’s not wise to solely focus on social media for your insurance business, it’s certainly not wise to ignore it all together. Maintain a healthy balance between online and offline communication.

To get ahead in today’s marketplace as an insurance professional, you can’t ignore technology, but you CAN take a step toward success by focusing on connecting with people and finding ways to serve them.

How are you serving your customers? What is the most effective way you’ve found to connect with more prospects? Please share here. We’d love to hear about it!

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