Social media decisions for your insurance business in 2011

We spent quite a bit of time in 2010 talking about the things you should be doing to market your insurance business online. According to the Harvard Business Review, 2011 will be the year that shapes the future of our lives online…so we still have more social media recommendations/insight for you.

Take a moment to consider these viewpoints from the folks at HBR:

1) Determine your purpose for every interaction. What are your goals? It’s so easy to get distracted each time we get online. Having a clear purpose for online interactions will keep you on track with your goals.

2) What is your online persona? How are you perceived by your online prospects/peers? Are you maintaining an identity that is consistent with your offline persona? It’s important that your online persona is parallel with your offline personality. You don’t want your clients to think you have an offline/online identity crisis.

3) Are you leveraging technology to address issues and/or rally around important events? The Internet offers many opportunities to positively impact your community. 2011 can be the year you help a local non-profit organization increase funding, or perhaps you use your insurance blog to answer important financial questions from your clients or prospects.

Head over to the Harvard Business Review blog to read the full article titled – “Social Media in 2011: Six Choices You Need To Make”.

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