Six is the magic number for closing more sales

leads360_logo_whiteIf you’ve attended one of our insurance webinars, you probably know we’re an advocate of using a world-class lead management tool like Leads360. Their web-based software allows insurance pros to identify and track important metrics which ultimately leads to improving your overall sales process.

One of their recent whitepapers is titled “Six calls equals success” and it includes some vital statistics you need to keep in mind as a business owner:

After analyzing more than 15 million insurance leads, Leads360 learned that making 2 calls instead of just 1 increases the odds of reaching a lead by 87%.

Unfortunately, 50% of leads are rarely contacted that 2nd time.

They discovered that making 6 contact attempts resulted in nearly the highest possible contact rate, however, nearly 60% of sales people made less than 6 calls.

To read their full whitepaper, click here.

Have you assessed your sales process lately? Do you know the average number of calls your team is making to prospects? What is your preferred way to track calls and sales?

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