Reputation Matters: 4 Tips for Protecting Yours

Insurance agents likely know better than any other profession the importance of a strong reputation. After all, much of the business they conduct is still community driven and face-to-face.

Unfortunately, many do not take active steps to make sure their reputations are where they need to be, focusing instead on the next prospect or meeting.

They fail to see how their reputation informs every other aspect of their business, and never realize that their jobs would be a whole lot easier if they slowed down a bit and asked the question, “What do people think when they hear my (or my company’s) name?”

To help you avoid complacency when it comes to your reputation, here are some tips that you can put into practice.


Be fair and honest when communicating with prospects/customers

In a sales-driven profession such as ours, it can be tempting to do or say anything it takes to get the sale. Avoid this urge at all costs.

Truth is, sometimes you’re not going to be the best solution for an insurance lead. It’s far better to part ways amicably than to try and “trick” a person, who doesn’t fit.

Suggestion: only do business with people that you can truly help.


Do good for your community

If you are to depend on community support to drive your business, then make sure you’re out there in it, doing things to make it a better place.

While it may seem counterproductive to sponsor an event or a cause without any guarantee of a return, you can ultimately boost your profile (and positive impressions) to generate some real business down the road.

Suggestion: think of causes that are near and dear to your heart — causes that also have some scope to them — and actively pursue sponsoring them.


Be selective with your customers

This goes back to tip one wherein you are to be honest and fair with your prospects and customers. Well, that’s a lot easier to accomplish when you are selective with the leads that you generate.

Suggestion: develop customer profiles, detailing as much information as humanly possible about customers you hope to attract. If your business is already somewhat established, this is easier to do because you likely have reams of data on the people, who are already choosing you for their insurance needs.


Invest in online reputation management

As you get your name out there more and more, you are bound to make a few enemies or attract some trolls along the way. Rarely do you go looking for trouble, but believe me, the Internet somehow can “help” you find them.

Those enemies may even be unscrupulous rivals for the type of insurance business that you offer.

Suggestion: Since online reputation management is such an important part of how you rank and appear to others searching for services and products like those you offer, think about investing in an online reputation management service. With the right partner, you can scrub unfair reviews and comments from the web, so they get pushed further to the back burner of your web results. Furthermore, these services can track what people are saying about you online, so attacks have an incredibly short life expectancy.


In Summary

Your word is just as important in the 21st Century as it was at the dawn of the insurance business — and we would dare say more so! If you really want to have a long-term impact on your business, then you need to think about your reputation in strategical terms. That means best practices, customer care, and reputation management. What are some things that you’ve done to grow your reputation?

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