Price versus cost, continuing the conversation

Remember our post last week about price versus coverage? I just read a great post from the Insurance Goddess who urges prospects to weigh the costs associated with the risks. Here’s her closing paragraph:

“Cheapest price does not always mean the best coverage. Yes, there are many out there that will still want rock bottom premium, no matter what. But, for those that have livelihoods and assets to protect, I think the cost of not choosing wisely far exceeds any additional premium paid. And a trusted agent is the person that can provide the guidance and advice to help you make a sound financial decision. I still think this saying holds true- “you get what you pay for.” Don’t find out the hard way.”

Everyone’s situation is different. As an insurance professional, it’s your responsibility to listen to prospects’ needs and navigate them towards coverage that will give peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for the price-conscious consumer or the coverage-conscious consumer, we can help. Click here to connect with an insurance lead specialist and learn about who we can connect you with in your area.

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