Online Reviews: How Important Are They, And How Do I Get Them?

Getting good online reviews for your insurance business can be a challenge, not only because of how often customers fly the coop but also because it’s tough to actually get people to do what they say they are going to do. Still, a good review can ease the fears of many insurance shoppers and direct a wealth of leads to your door while you are spending time with your kids or napping in the easy chair. In other words, you can get business without doing a lot of work provided that your existing clients are happy enough with the product to tell others online.


How important is a review to your success?

A good review can give for your local search engine optimization placement a 10% boost or higher. That means when people in your area hit google and search for a term that describes one of your insurance products, you will have that much better of a chance being at the top of the search results. Better placement means more business and more potential for positive reviews both now and in the future. There is also the added perk of being able to use those reviews in marketing materials on other venues – channels outside of Google. So to sum up, reviews can be greatly important on both the technical side and of the marketing side. And a bad review can hurt your business.


How do I go about getting them?

obviously, you want as few of bad reviews as possible finding their way out into the public. That means you don’t want just anyone writing a review. To get good reviews, start with a satisfied customer. Just come out and ask them if they would mind submitting a review as long as they are satisfied with their experience. Not only will this show them that their opinion is important to you, it will add a little extra marketing fuel in your tank should they follow through. You can ask your customers in person, on Facebook, or through any preferred communication channel that the customer has verified. Just be direct, don’t waste anymore of their time then necessary, and make it easy for them by sending a link to Yelp! or a review channel of your choice.


What if I’m getting more people saying they’ll write one than actually are?

One thing that you have to be prepared for when dealing with customers, is that the simple act of saying they will write a good review and the act of writing the review are not the same. They are usually not ignoring you from a position of malice. (And if they are, then you want them to keep ignoring you!) Typically, a customer will forget and have to be reminded several times. Just think of it like you are trying to convert a lead all over again. That usually doesn’t happen the first two times either. You have to stay at it!


What are some concerns about reviews I need to be aware of?

Finally, there are a few concerns that you should have regarding online reviews, particularly the following: you will want to make sure that the customer follows the community guidelines for whatever reviews site they are writing for; you will want to make sure they are doing it from their own computer or one that is not associated with your business; you will want to make sure that the review is not a fake so don’t even think about paying for fake reviews as that has emerged as a lucrative side business. Any perception of insincerity on the part of a review or a reviewer or yourself could get you blacklisted by Google and other major search engines.


In Summary

While getting good reviews is not the top priority of your business, it is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can find, and it’s also a great source of feedback to know what you’re doing right and what areas you could improve upon. While you won’t want to spend all your time policing online reviews, you should be able to build up some good ones simply by doing your job and offering a great product with great service to insurance customers of all stripes.

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