Maintaining a solid follow-up system with your insurance leads

Whether you’re purchasing Internet insurance leads from us, another lead provider or generating your own leads through Facebook or your own website, implementing a lead follow-up strategy is key to closing more sales. Here are a few tips for staying in touch with your insurance prospects:

1) Determine your next touchpoint. Will you call him/her back in another 2 weeks? Have you added their email address to your monthly email newletter? Plan your next step so this lead doesn’t get caught in limbo…

2) Schedule time in your calendar for prospecting. Just like any other critical business activity, if you don’t plot out time in advance, there’s a good chance it won’t happen. Most importantly, follow through on these prospecting appointments with yourself. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get distracted. Not to mention, you may experience a reluctance to pick up the phone. If it’s on your schedule ahead of time, however, you’re more likely to complete the action.

3) Take good notes. We all know the insurance business is a relationship business. If you’re not staying on top of what’s new in the lives of your prospects, you may be missing out on business. Always document your conversations as they happen or immediately following the conversation.

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