Leads 360 Introduces Dialer IQ

Have you heard the news? More is NOT always better!

Dialers are all the rage for B2C businesses, and for good reason. When used properly, a dialer can quadruple the numbers of calls made in any given period of time and send efficiencies soaring. More blind dials always equals more sales, right? Wrong. What separates a great dialer from a mediocre dialer is the intelligence used to determine what insurance leads to call and when.

Enter Leads360, the #1 lead management company in the insurance industry and their new dialer, Dial-IQ. Dial-IQ automates dialing on your leads, giving you critical efficiency gains. But, the big difference is it uses intelligence from your sales process to call the right leads at the right time. Dial-IQ prioritizes every lead in your producers pipeline to first call leads that are more likely to convert into a sale. The data shows staggering results:

After implementing Leads360 Dial-IQ, agencies are:

– Converting 76.9% more leads
– Calling leads 35.7% more quickly
– Contacting 66.0% more leads

Click here to read the white paper results.

To that end, we are very excited to bring you a special promotion with our partner Leads360. To help you get started, we have arranged a very special offer for HometownQuotes agents: Until October 15, 2011, you can get Leads360 Dial-IQ FREE for 30 days and 5,000 free minutes!

Click here or visit Leads360.com/Hometownquotes to take advantage of this limited time offer.

If you have any questions about Leads360′s Dial-IQ, you can contact them at sales@leads360.com or call 888-856-0534.

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