Keeping your insurance business vibrant

lemonadeIn the March 2009 issue of Advisor Today, contributor Maggie Leyes offers an informative article titled “Making Lemonade: How To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities”. Leyes discusses closing sales and finding sales opportunities in the current economic climate.

The article advises agents to seek prospects through established relationships with current clients. From leveraging your LinkedIn profile and contacts to seeking free speaking opportunities or offering workshops that cover financial topics, Leyes suggests multiple venues for agents to increase visibility by mining current clients.

Here are a few ideas she offers to keep your business vibrant…

– Initiate a “friends-helping-friends” program.
– Strengthen client relationships with increased contact.
– Use a voicemail “message” to calm clients’ fears.
– Tap your “natural” market for a target market or referrals.
– Mine factfinders for potential referrals from clients.
– Use marketing tools to help you close the sale.
– Join the business networking Web site LinkedIn.
– Target professional practices.
– Speak at company seminars and business association meetings.
– Hold client workshops – have your clients invite a guest.
– Do joint work.
– Offer “guarantee” riders.
– Consider selling universal life.

Click here to read the full article and get more tips for maintaining a thriving insurance agency.

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