Just pick up the phone

As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. The same can be said if you’re an insurance professional using Internet insurance leads to grow your insurance business.

Always call the prospect immediately – even if you don’t have the quote ready.

When prospects complete our online forms, their lead information is sent to you in real-time. So, why wait?

Here are five reasons why you should always pick up the phone and call immediately upon receiving the lead information.

1) Increased likelihood of immediately reaching the prospect. There’s a good chance that when you receive the lead information, s/he is still sitting at the computer. The sooner you can reach him or her, the better!

2) Helps prospects validate online process. We don’t want people to think we’re just another faceless online company. We want people to know we’re here to connect them with the best insurance possible. YOU are the person who will confirm that. As soon as you call the prospect, your phone call will validate to him/her that we’re following through with our promise. Your immediate call assures the prospect that their information was securely passed to the right people. By waiting to call, you’re only prolonging the process…and potentially losing a customer.

3) Less likely to wander. Like most consumers, I want instant gratification when I’m searching for a product. The more time it takes a service provider to get in touch with me, the more likely I will go to another Web site or store to search for help elsewhere. I know I’m not alone. Don’t give the lead the opportunity to stray. Once s/he has expressed need by completing our form, it’s in your best interest to get in touch and capture his or her attention ASAP.

4) You will be memorable. Being the first to call not only increases your chances of closing the sale, it also means that you will be more memorable. The insurance lead will probably have many questions to ask you and by being the first to answer those inquiries, s/he will be more likely to remember your responses and view you as the insurance expert you are.

5) Just be a friend. Don’t rush through the quote preparation and then call, only to find out you’re the second or third insurance agent in line. One of the most important things a successful salesperson will tell you about conducting business over the phone is to treat the prospect as you want to be treated. Most people don’t want to feel like they’ve been sold on something. They want to feel like there’s a genuine person at the other end of the line who is looking out for the prospect’s best interests. When the lead arrives in your inbox or your online account, just pick up the phone and make the connection. Besides, you may learn something s/he didn’t submit on the lead app that could affect the quote.

Internet leads are opportunities, they are not guaranteed sales. They can take a lot of time and work. All agents have their own individual processes for being successful, but insurance agents who are succeeding with Internet insurance leads are picking up the phone and calling the leads immediately.

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