Is your insurance agency in growth mode?

In this month’s InsuranceNewsNet Magazine, there’s a great article about business/professional growth.

In his article “The Five-Year Phenomenon“, insurance agent Brad Elman explains the importance of noticing patterns in your life and in your business. Twenty-three years into his career, he noticed a clear pattern in his professional growth. Approximately every five years he would experience a restlessness and seek new challenges. Feeling stagnant, he would enter a new niche or start a new project.

I think this is only natural. So many business people, whether you’re the creative type or more of a numbers person (or an equal blend of both!) have to continually raise the success barometer.

Elman offers three tips for recognizing and working with this five-year phenomenon:

1) Surround yourself with a peer group of friends you trust. You will rely on their support and advice when you start getting an itch for change.

2) Look for life trends. If you take a few moments to sit down and think about trends and patterns you’ve noticed in your life over the past few years, it makes it much easier to plan your future. Life tends to be cyclical, so pay attention to the signs!

3) Write a business plan for your new ideas. “If you can’t write a business plan, it’s probably not the right time to do it,” said Elman.

Another way to boost insurance agency growth is Internet insurance leads. Never tried them? Not a problem. Give us a call today to see how they will fit into your business plan. Already a customer? Great. Let us know what else we can do to help you grow your insurance business.

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