Insurance leads don’t expire

A number of things will determine whether or not a person chooses to do business with you. Your demeanor. The company you represent. The insurance packages you offer. The overall price you quote. Your experience as an insurance professional. The list goes on.

You’re probably not going to close every lead you purchase. An insurance lead is an opportunity to serve a customer, it is not a guaranteed policy. The great thing about an insurance lead is that, once you’ve purchased the information, it’s yours. File it away in your database. Follow up with the prospect in 3 or 6 months to see how they’re doing and see if there’s a way you can assist. Just because they said no the first time doesn’t mean you’ve completely lost their business. Illustrate why they should choose you. Give time to build the relationship.

If you have a genuine desire to help people and develop a routine follow-up system, insurance leads will help your business soar.

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