Insurance agents will close more sales by focusing on 3 audiences

I saw this post by Andy Sernovitz over at the SmartBlog and had to share it with you here. Andy explains the importance of proactively communicating with three different groups of people:

  • Your customers. Make it a point to make friends with your customers. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and other important life milestones. Winning the love and respect of your customers means free advertising, forever.
  • Your employees. The most successful companies are those driven by passionate, empowered employees. When employees are given opportunities to take ownership over projects and have a voice in the decision making process, magic happens. They have a sense of mission that aligns with the overall company vision. When that happens, no goal is unattainable.
  • Your competitors. What is your relationship like with your competitors? Sernovitz explains that “no business can solve every problem for every customer.” In the insurance space specifically, you probably have many peers who are also your competitors. Do you ever refer prospects to your competitors when you can’t help them? Perhaps the prospect needs a specialized coverage you don’t offer. Do you send him or her to a competing agent? Good deeds breed good deeds. Chances are they would do the same for you.

On this Friday I encourage you to make it a priority to focus on these three groups of people. When an insurance professional focuses on maintaining good relationships with customers, employees and competitors, not only will you increase positive word-of-mouth, you will close more sales and potentially increase future sales.

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