Insurance agents share unusual insurance claims

Rogue hot-water heaters + Hapless pole dancers + Hungry four-legged friends = Very strange insurance claims

In this month’s National Underwriter P&C, writer Phil Gusman shares an array of…interesting…stories about insurance claims as presented to him by a handful of insurance professionals.

I’m recapping here:

Crazy claim #1

An agent in North Carolina recalls a claim he worked with in the mid-1970s that involved a hot-water heater that shot through the roof of a family’s house. When he arrived to assess the situation, the house was moved several inches from its foundation and had a large hole in the roof. Turns out that, while the family was on vacation, their pilot light went out, causing a gas build up throughout the house. When their refrigerator clicked on, a spark lit the natural gas and shot the hot-water heater through the roof – nearly 100 yards from the house in a field.

End result? Pretty much the entire home was replaced, with the exception of the frame, which was moved back onto the foundation.

Crazy claim #2

I must say, this is an HTQ Agent Blog first. I’ve never discussed “pole dancing” on here, nor did I ever foresee myself discussing this…pastime. As we’ve all learned in the insurance world, however, you can’t really anticipate when or how something will go wrong. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as that much of a shock that we’re talking about this on here today. The National Underwriter article reveals several instances where a dance pole was the catalyst to an insurance claim. One example involves an individual who, while out with  friends, made an attempt to swing on a dance pole, but unfortunately broke it instead. The young woman was thrown to the floor and hit her head.

End result? Because the venue had installed the pole, and not a third party, the (insured) venue was liable for the claim.

Crazy claim #3

A North Dakota insurance agent shared an unusual insurance claim that involved a burger, fries and Fido. The insured had just picked up fast food through a drive-thru window, when his hungry four-legged friend dove for the take out bag, causing the insured to hit the gas pedal and accelerate into the vehicle in front of him.

End result? That sack lunch cost around $1,000 in claims.

Want to read more wacky insurance claims? Check out Gusman’s entire article here.

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