Insurance Agents, Here Are Some Tricks That’ll Destroy Every Excuse You Have For Not Blogging More

The drive to close business and up-sell existing customers for better retention rates is probably your first priority each day, to the point that you don’t have time for things like social media or blogging. But even in the insurance game, these are valuable parts of the platform-building process. Specifically, the blogging process can be a great way to share expertise with your potential insurance leads, interact with existing clients, and grow your brand beyond costly print advertising platforms.

But the only way that blogging works is if you quit putting it off and employ some of the tools and tricks that we have for you below.


Trick 1: Gather your ideas.

If you are able to sell insurance, then you have a berth of valuable knowledge that the average consumer doesn’t. That means those rumblings of self-doubt in your brain that make the excuse, “I wouldn’t know what to blog about,” are utter hogwash. Without resorting to any of the tips and tricks on this list, you have enough in your head right now to plan out the first 10 or 20 post ideas. You just need to take time to gather those ideas. Grab a pen and paper. Write the ideas down in a notebook. Don’t feel like you have to rigidly stick to every idea, and don’t beat yourself if one idea sounds mostly like another, only restated. You have to get the ideas out of your head and onto the page in order to mold and shape them into something helpful to your audience.


Trick 2: Build a buzzword cloud.

You may also think “keyword.” Doesn’t matter. Keywords and buzzwords are the same thing. Just remember to direct them specifically at the insurance industry. Again, this works best with a pen and paper. You can type it in to a productivity app later. Just loosen your brain and let your mind roam freely across the topic. You’ll be surprised as you write down buzzwords like “auto insurance,” “comprehensive coverage,” “liability coverage,” and “safety rating,” how two things start to happen: 1) Each time your brain uncovers a commonly said keyword or buzzword, it’s likely to trigger a set of more specific words and phrases that drill down deeper into the topic; and 2) As creative juices begin flowing on your buzzword cloud, your brain will actually start to take those words and shape them together into blog ideas. As with trick one, this lays to rest the idea that you won’t have enough to blog about.


Trick 3: Plan out what youre going to say.

Whether you take your ideas and turn them into well-thought-out blog posts or you opt for the audio blog experience of a podcast, plan the high points of what you’re going to say before you actually tackle the content creation part. This will make the writing (or talking) part much easier, and in case you don’t have time to write it, it will make it much easier for you to hand off the project to a staff member or ghostwriter and get a draft that requires minimal editing and review.


Trick 4: Use smarter tools.

While the act of automating a well-thought-out, insightful blog post that will bring enrichment to the lives of your audience members is very far away, there are some great automation tools for directing your thoughts, developing ideas, and honing a great piece of content day-by-day, week-by-week. For starters, a platform called BuzzSumo allows you to type in any website and see the most popular posts on social media. Simply responding to some of these ideas with some new insight and expertise can make for an excellent addition to any blog or podcast feed. You can also look up a topic important to your business and see who the key online influencers are. This will help you stock your RSS feed with only the most current and influential thinkers, thus cutting through the noise of an ever-expanding Internet. BuzzSumo is subscription-based. While it does have a free feature, you can use virtually all of its tools for just $99 per month (tax deductible). Another great tool if you’re weak with headlines: the Portent Content Generator. Just type in your keyword, click the button, and scroll through an endless plethora of clever headline ideas.


In Summary

While a good blog does take time, the above tricks will help you ensure that every topic you write or podcast about is a winner with your audience. This will establish you as an expert online, open up new revenue streams, and help you stand out in your region. Good luck!

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