Insurance agent blog tip – Stop using ugly URLs

Are your URLS ugly?

I can completely empathize. Mine used to be ugly too. At the time, however, I had no clue there was such a thing as ugly URLs. Which begs the question…

What the heck is an ugly URL? I’m happy to oblige.

When you write a new post for your insurance agency blog (or any type of blog, for that matter) the link created for that particular post is probably automatically generated based on the type of blogging platform you’re using. (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc.)

Let’s say I write a blog post about using social media to market your insurance business. (Which I’ve done before.) When I publish that post, the link assigned to that post may look something like this –

That is an ugly URL. If you saw that link in a different context, you would have no clue it linked to a blog post about social media unless you clicked it. Not to mention, the way that URL structure is written, it’s not doing anything for your blog’s search engine optimization.

BUT…if that link looked something like this…

…you would know the link probably leads you to a blog post about using Twitter for your insurance agency. Plus, the search engines will associate those keywords with your blog.

This type of link is called a permalink. And while there’s nothing inherently bad or wrong with ugly URLs, using permalinks helps readers and search engines determine relevance and credibility of your site.

Making the switch from ugly URLs to permalinks is easy! In the admin area of your blog, look for “options” or “settings”. This area should give you the option to choose the type of permalink structure you would like to use. I recommend choosing month and name.

To learn more about ugly URLs, click here. To learn more about permalinks, click here.

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