How Your Callback Efforts Can Benefit From Pinterest

Social networks are a dime a dozen, but amid the sea of sites vying for user attention, only a few stand out. One of these is Pinterest. This image-intensive site was a latecomer to the social media marketplace, having hit it big after the big boys of Twitter and Facebook were already established and getting in long after the MySpace glory days were over.

For a while, it seemed like only homemakers and salon workers used Pinterest, but as the addiction of image scrolling got more popular, other niches started to take notice. Now you can find gadgets, popular movie listicles, and more on the site.

So what does Pinterest have to do with insurance agents, and how can you use the network to improve callbacks? Read on!


Pinterest emphasizes the visual. So should your quotes.

If you’re an agent responding to a potential customer’s quote request, then you’re probably going to be facing competition. That’s because insurance leads & customers love to shop around for the best price, even though it has less of an impact on actual buying and retention. 99 percent of the insurance agents in your market are probably going to be using some tired, boring, black-and-white, jargon-filled document to convey an insurance quote. You can be different by taking the Pinterest approach.

Simple software programs like PhotoShop or Pages (for Mac) will allow you to produce an image-based quote filled with color and simplicity. Make the price front-and-center and give customers pertinent details in direct language so they’re not giving up and moving on to the next quote.

As John Carroll of InsuranceSplash puts it, “People are busy. They don’t want to read through a 12 page PDF document filled with insurance jargon if you can show them everything they need in one picture. … Why do you think people engage more with images on Facebook and social networks like Pinterest & Instagram are taking off?”

Carroll even recommends using something as simple as a free online photo editor like PicMonkey and urges agents to make it “really easy for people to get the major points at a glance.”


One other thing about Pinterest.

Pinterest is more than just a place where you can “pin” the things you think are cool, the sayings you love, and products you really want. It’s also a place where you can build a sense of community, and that is something the insurance agent of the 21st Century should be striving for.

Community building around your online brand identity will go a long way in making your site visitors feel like you know what you’re talking about. It’s also a great way to establish a rapport and get a sense of what the burning questions are among those searching for insurance in your area.

Sites like Pinterest allow people with similar interests to come together and market to one another their passions. While it may be difficult to instill the same “passion” for insurance, taking a visual approach to your quotes and your online marketing efforts will do more than just increase your callbacks. It will make it easier for your customers to remember you and refer you to friends and family who are looking for an insurance agent.


In Summary

There are many ways that you can use the web to your advantage as an insurance agent. Pinterest is just one small example of what is possible. So be on the lookout for cool ideas around the web — even if those ideas don’t seem to have anything to do with insurance on the surface. Be willing to adapt something that you like to your marketing efforts, and you’ll never know where your business might end up.

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