How You Can Help Insurance Producers Drive Sales

Insurance agencies are constantly wrestling with the question of what they can do to get better performances out of their producers. No one can blame them for that. There really is no staying where you are in a world as competitive as this. You’re either moving forward or falling behind. To make sure one’s company is of the former and not the latter, we’ve put together some simple suggestions to get more out of an insurance producer. Let’s get started!


  1. Make rewards worth it.

Good sales commissions are only the start of what makes an agent happy where he is. It’s also nice to be recognized for one’s contributions to the company through a simple “thank you and keep up the good work” or a gift card to a favorite restaurant or a Christmas bonus or unexpected time off. You might even consider sending an agent to a conference in a to-be-envied location. There are a number of ways to do it, and rather than having one or two set things, you might consider tailoring it to the agent in question. This can feel more special.


  1. Dont burden them with things that have nothing to do with their job.

In many smaller agencies — and some large — agents can be expected to do things that have little or nothing to do with selling insurance. Examine the processes that are in place at your agency as well as some of the forms that you’re making producers fill out or learn. Do these things have anything to do with selling insurance? If not, cut them or redistribute to someone on the administrative staff. For producers to produce you want them focused on producing.


  1. Be an example, not a commander.

It’s very easy to shout orders when you’re the one in charge or your name is on the door. However, you’ll get a lot more out of your producers if you’re actually showing them the professional you want them to be. Wise agents already know you’re the boss. They don’t need you to constantly remind them of it. What they do need is for you to say what you expect through actions, not words.


  1. Trust them.

The job of an insurance agent is not an assembly line position. It takes training, expertise, people skills, and more to be effective at this job. Insurance producers who are treated like children tend to behave like children or, to paraphrase the movie Office Space, “work just hard enough not to get fired.” When you put more trust in your producers, you are encouraging them to own the job and look at their role as a vital part of the agency. If they feel needed, they will produce greater results.


  1. Offer your time for the betterment of their careers.

Have an open door policy where agents will feel like they can come to you with a problem, but also schedule time to work with the agent one-on-one. Share some things that have helped you along the way, and be willing to listen to what they have to say. You never know. They might end up teaching you more than you teach them!


In Summary

For any insurance agency to grow beyond the power of one, it needs top insurance producers, who are capable of driving sales. They do this by generating qualified insurance leads and closing deals. But some agencies can become more of a hindrance to the agent’s success than a help. And when that happens, everyone falls behind. By paying closer attention to the things we’ve discussed here, you can put your agents in a position to succeed every single day.

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