How to Speak to Your Audience , So They’ll Actually Listen

Speaking to an audience so that they will listen to what you have to say has gotten more difficult in the age of the Internet. There are literally billions of websites out there and probably millions in the insurance industry. How do you cut through the noise and end up on someone’s tablet, phone, or computer screen? It’s a question that agents are integral to answering as they are the ones with the experience, knowledge, and direct link to their consumers to know how content should be fashioned in an appealing way.

If you want your message to be heard and remembered — if you really want it to resonate — then here are some tips.


1. Understand that youre not speaking to EVERYONE

Many people are afraid to “speak” online through audio, video, or written posts because they are intimidated by the size of their potential audience. They behave as if all 4.6 billion people in the world will be reading or listening to what they have to say, and so their message better be “safe” enough to be embraced by everyone. Actually, you want your content to do the exact opposite of this. You want to cut through as much fat as possible in the online world and get to the people, who will benefit the most from what you have to say. That doesn’t mean you have to be controversial — you might even find it challenging to make insurance content controversial — but it does mean that you should have a clear, distinct voice that takes enough chances to grab people’s interests. Forget about EVERYONE, and think about ONLY ONE. One person, who needs to hear what you have to say at this point in their life. Chances are if you can find the one, you will find the several, and your words will go a lot further.


2. Realize that youre as much interpreter as you are agent

You have a specialized knowledge and skill set, and that doesn’t automatically translate itself to your insurance leads and customers. They need your guidance and interpretation if you are ever to win enough of their faith to do business with them. Therefore, use plain, easy-to-follow language even when you are discussing difficult concepts. For an example of how this is done extremely well on a wide variety of topics online, I recommend that you check out the ELI5 subreddit (Explain Like I’m Five). Sounds condescending but it’s actually a very well-done thread that simplifies a number of difficult concepts. Read a few examples as well as the comments to those examples. They offer a master class on how to break down something you take for granted and make it intelligible to the masses.


3. Be approachable

Many professionals, who dabble in online marketing, fail to present themselves in an approachable manner. It’s important to remember that the purpose behind insurance marketing — or any marketing content, really — is to encourage interaction and engagement. The more heavily engaged that you can get your audience to become, the greater the chances they will become customers, whether now or two years from now. Encourage people to send you feedback with comments or concerns or questions they may have. Answer that feedback and show that you’re just an ordinary person like them, but you’re one with an exceptional skill and knowledge set, and that you can utilize those sets to fill in coverage gaps and find the right products.


In Summary

When you talk, you want people to listen, particularly as it relates to your business. Keep the above suggestions in mind, and it should help you better shape content that resonates with the audience you’re targeting.

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