How to Get More People to Like Your Insurance Page on Facebook

Many people go to Facebook to keep up with their friends and family and to make status updates about how it’s too early to be up and they need coffee. That means as an insurance agent you have your work cut out for you from the very beginning. How do you get people to pause long enough to think about connecting with an insurance agency? Thankfully, there are things you can do. Let’s take it from the top.


1. Review the types of content youre posting and make note of the posts that are getting the most engagement

When you are the administrator of a page on Facebook, the social networking site will show you a number at the bottom of each post letting you know how many people were “reached.” What this means is how many people had the post displayed in front of them. If you click on that number, it will show you a pop-up that tells you the number of link clicks — in other words, how many people actually clicked through to your site. There is also a running tally on “other clicks,” which tells you the amount of engagement you’re getting on that single post. “Engagement,” as Facebook defines it, consists of Likes, Comments, and Shares. The great thing about this data: it tells you how effective you are in reaching out to your audience and posting the types of things that they want to see. If you notice a post doing better than the rest, that’s when you should consider advertising through a Facebook ad.


2. Once you have seen a pattern of success develop, try to do more of those types of posts

This isn’t always easy to do as you can’t really control the news cycle for the insurance industry. However, with enough posting, you will start to notice trends, like for instance, auto-related posts do better than homeowner-related. In that case, you may want to start doing more posts that appeal to your auto insurance customers and utilize that as a “gateway” to the rest of your content and your landing page.


3. Ask

If you have followers on Facebook, then you already have a focus group that you can bounce ideas off of, and that’s exactly what we suggest you do. Take a moment to send some PMs, or just put out a call on your page and see who responds. The more people you ask, the better the chances of finding a content type that gets attention.


4. Offer your own unique perspective on your industry/current events

For this, you may want to be a bit careful, especially regarding religion and politics. If you follow current events within your industry and consider yourself a “student” of it, then you probably won’t have to get that desperate. You’ll know of plenty good ideas that you can post to draw more attention. Just make sure that you’re offering some unique insight or opinion that your followers will find interesting.


5. Consider social ads

We alluded to it earlier, but it deserves its own mention. If a post is more popular than others on its own, consider giving it a boost with a social ad to gain more reach. Facebook will allow you to set a budget you can afford, and it will shut off the proverbial faucet whenever your limit has been reached.


6. Try a contest

Contests are tempting on social media, especially if your page has yet to garner a serious following. People usually figure, “Why not go for it, I’ve got better chances than the lottery!” And that’s true. One really does have a greater chance to win when the entries are not as plentiful. Just make sure that you make it easy for someone to enroll and that you are not violating any terms and conditions of your Facebook account.


In Summary

While it can be frustrating when your friend-count is stagnant, there are plenty of ways to turn it all around aside from the six we’ve mentioned here. For more assistance with your social media presence or some other aspect of insurance lead outreach, check out more of our site.

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