How To Create An Army Of Customers Who’ll Do The Work For You

Insurance customers can certainly be a flighty lot and the Internet has contributed to a great deal of this behavior. Customers who’ve yet to see the long-term value of partnering with an insurance company rather than price-hopping are often back in the market two years after purchasing a policy. However, good agents can cut this flightiness off by offering value over price. Value usually takes a customer off-guard because they don’t realize they need it until they have it. It’s an agent’s job to make them feel that need as quickly as possible.

It can be challenging, but the good news is that once the value proposition has been realized, a customer tends to stick around and bring the business to you. Here are some ways you can get them doing just that.


Use policy renewal as a way to save money while adding value.

Every time a policy renewal comes due, you’ll have the opportunity to show customers how they can be adding valuable coverage and lowering the cost of an existing policy. The up-sell opportunity is one that every agent should watch out for, but policy renewal is a great time to have the conversation because a customer is either going to make the decision to stay on board or jump ship at that time. A couple of weeks before the renewal date hits, see if you can’t sit down with your customers and discuss additional coverages and savings options. For instance, your company may offer an auto discount if they add a life insurance policy. It’s not unusual to end up with double the coverage without adding much — if anything — to the combined premiums.


Get personal.

Not every interaction that you have with the customer has to be sales-focused. In fact, simply by remembering little details about their lives, you can build a rapport with your customer that will make them loyal to you as well as your company. You can also mine personal information — like important life changes (marriage, death in the family, birth of a child, etc.) — to help them fill gaps in coverage. By acting sincerely and swiftly in the customer’s best interests, you will win their business and their gratitude. Referrals aren’t far behind at this point.


Check on them after a claim.

Claims may affect the bottom line of your company, but you can make up all of that and then some by showing genuine care and attentiveness to the customer in the event that they have to file. Calling to check on their well-being after a car accident or house fire — not under the guise of an agent but someone who cares about them — will lessen the odds that they ever consider leaving for another insurance provider. It will also be something they remember whenever someone they know has an insurance need of some kind.


Keep the date.

Annual policy reviews are vital to the longevity of the successful insurance agent, but they are also difficult to get 100% participation in. It’s not uncommon to call a customer, set an appointment, then not have them show up due to forgetting/unexpected life circumstances. So make sure that you’re holding their hand through the process until you can actually get the sit-down. An annual policy review is a great opportunity to show the customer where they’re sitting pretty, where they’re deficient, and what they need to do insurance-wise for the stage of life they’re in. You can also use this as an opportunity to alert the customer of any drastic insurance changes on the horizon. For instance, before I turned 30, my agent hounded me to sit down and add additional coverage to my life insurance policy. I’m very glad he did because now I have a child and feel as though my family will be taken care of in the event that something happens to me.


In Summary

You may never be your customer’s best friend, but the good news is, you don’t have to be in order to turn him or her into a walking billboard in your honor. Just stick with the tips mentioned above to deliver your insurance leads & customers the best value, and they’ll reciprocate. It may not be every time, and you may not see the results in a month or even six months from now, but eventually, it will come back in your favor through retention and referrals.

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