How Insurance Agents Can Use Technology Better

Technology has been an unavoidable part of the insurance agent’s life since insurance leads & customers turned to the Internet to compare those first set of quotes. Remarkably, there are many agents still operating who are afraid to turn on a computer. While that may work for the ones with established clientele–customers who have been with them four years–it is not a mindset new insurance agents can afford it to take on. Therefore, if you are new to the profession or will be in the next few months, it’s time to consider ways of using technology to enhance your business. Here are some suggestions that we have put together for your review. If you can think of anymore, feel free to share them in the comments section.


Blogging/social media

How can blogging and social media you as an insurance agent? In lots of ways! For starters, it can establish your personal brand along with your authority and expertise. By taking on topics that are of interest to the average insurance customer–at least the customer you will be serving–you can set yourself apart from regional competition. And blogs and social media are also great ways to communicate directly with your customers, which can help with content creation and sales.


Google Hangouts

If you have yet to use a Google Hangout, then you could be ignoring an important means to servicing the customer and setting yourself apart from other agents in your area. Why would anyone care about this particular use of technology? Because we live in a world where it is not always convenient for customers to leave work and run by our offices anytime there is some form of business to conduct. Throw in rising gas prices and a more technologically savvy customer base, and you have a market that is ripe for this form of personalization. Consider conducting a a weekly question and answer session open to all of your customers, or make it an option for one-on-one time with those who just can’t stop by during your office hours.


Task management

The larger that your business grows, the more moving parts you will have to deal with as an insurance agent. While a secretary isn’t a bad idea at a certain level, starting out may not afford you that luxury. And even when you can afford to hire other people, there will still be loads of things to remember that you could otherwise forget it without the use of task management technology like Wunderlist or Priority Matrix.



Podcasting may not seem feasible if you are uncomfortable hearing yourself on a recording device, but keep in mind the real reasons why people listen. They are not there to marvel at your broadcasting ability. They are there for information. And if you do not have the time or the money to write or pay for copy that can establish your credibility as an expert, then this is a great way to control costs and set yourself apart. You can get a quality dictation microphone for around $50. This, and programs like GarageBand, make recording, editing, and preparing for publication a breeze. As for content development, you can brainstorm a list of ideas that you are capable of talking freely about. You can also invite guests onto your program for interviews. It’s really a great way of pushing a lot of quality content without the sometimes taxing work of running a daily blog while selling insurance.


Lead tracking

One of the most common complaints that agents have when they come to us, is that they cannot find quality leads online. It is true that many of the leads for sale have too much competition and low conversion rates, a reality that we have addressed in the amount of vetting that we employ for our leads. However, there are many agents who could be doing better than they are with online leads, but they have given up too easily. After two or three attempts to convert a lead, they walk away frustrated. We suggest having a better system in place for the efforts is that you make in contacting your leads. Why? Because studies have shown that it generally takes six or seven attempts before conversion. So have patience and a system in place that will maximize your efforts. It could be a special piece of software or a simple spreadsheet. Just document and persevere, and you will be surprised at the successes that you experience.


In Summary

Embracing technology is not going to do your job for you, but it will make your job much easier to manage. And when you have reached maximum levels of organization and efficiency, your income has nowhere to go but up.

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