How Insurance Agents Can Better Use Facebook Groups

Facebook is hands down the largest social network in the world, giving users a place to voice political opinions, share vacation pics, reconnect with old friends, and, yes, even market their business. It’s this last part that we’d like to talk to you about today because as an insurance agent, you may be struggling to see the purpose behind joining one or multiple groups, or even starting your own. After all, shouldn’t you be out there garnering insurance leads and making sales? Well, yes, you should, but Facebook groups can help you achieve both of these goals if you’re using it correctly. Let’s look at a few tips.


Connecting with other insurance professionals

Insurance agents can learn a lot from one another, and since the nature of your business often keeps you from being direct competition for one another, it’s a good idea to start or join a Facebook group of like-minded professionals, so you can exchange war stories, ideas, marketing tactics, and sales techniques. Since most of the people in your profession are on Facebook anyway, you might as well find a place (or start a place) to congregate and give each other value that can build your businesses.


Lending extra value to your customers

There is a difference between the insurance agent, who makes a sale, and the one, who builds a relationship. Relationship builders are good at going above and beyond the call of duty to create lifelong, loyal customers instead of temporary clients that will be gone in three years. By using Facebook groups, you can encourage your clients to join up and drop you a line if they have any questions. You can also use it as a special place for giveaways and cost savings tips. By making it exclusive to your customers, you can create a much more close knit community — the kind people will think twice about leaving.


Getting feedback from your customers

You can use your Facebook group to show your customers that you are listening. By tapping into this community, you can solicit feedback from your customers on how their experience is going, and you can head many problems off at the pass before they grow into major obstacles. One particular piece of feedback useful to lead generation is seeing if your customers have anyone in their lives they think could benefit from what you have to offer. If the community is close knit enough, you should be able to get some good referrals.


Promoting events

You don’t want your Facebook group to be one big advertisement. You want it to be a place where customers can get answers or you can get help with your business — depending on what type of group you’re a part of — but there is no harm in using your Facebook group to promote events that give back to your customers or the community-at-large. For example, many agents like to sponsor community events built around high school athletics or academics. It’s a great way to get their name in front of future drivers and their parents in a low-pressure, benevolent way. Announcing such information to your Facebook group first — and perhaps offering some exclusive gift of token of appreciation to them for helping you get the word out — is a way to exponentially increase interest in your efforts.


In Summary

A Facebook group is a great place for both growing as a professional and growing your business. It can also be highly valuable to your clients. Before you dismiss this opportunity as “too much work,” spend some time thinking about how you can tailor the above suggestions to your business. Good luck!

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