How Customers Are Making The Insurance Agent’s Job Simpler

It’s been said that the insurance field is not one for the faint of heart, and to a degree, that’s true. But unlike in the old days where you had to drum up your own leads and referrals, it’s gotten a little simpler to start the ball rolling through vetted insurance leads like the kind you can get here at Hometown Quotes. Beyond that, however, the customers themselves are doing all they can to make your job simpler as well.

Before we begin on just how they’re accomplishing this, let’s amplify that word a bit — simple. Not easy. Things that are simple, in theory, can still be challenging to execute, and we believe that’s the case for a successful insurance agent in the 21st Century. You still have to do the work and stand out from OTHERS who are doing the work. But customers themselves have led the way in allowing you to focus your efforts. Let’s look at some of the ways.


  1. They come looking for you; you just have to be where they can find you

One of the hardest things about selling insurance in the Internet age is the intellectual advancement of the customer. They are considerably more educated than they used to be, and if they’re not, it certainly isn’t because they lack instant access to research materials. It’s possible to read up on coverages and insurance products, and many are doing so. They’re also comparison shopping for the best price. But when it comes down to it, they still want you in their lives. They want to buy from you. They want to deal with you. They want cyber connectivity, but not at the expense of personalization. In essence, that makes it simpler to find and communicate with them. You just have to go where they are — the Internet, social media — and have a presence. Blogging, Facebook, a website with an email signup — all of these things can create the brand recognition they crave while making it easier for them to reach you in the process.


  1. They can free you up to work a more flexible schedule.

The 8-to-5 job is slowly dying, and for many, that’s a good thing. For one, sitting down to really time the amount of work accomplished in those nine hours is enough to send any productivity hacker into a monthlong depression. The average American worker actually works about half, give or take an hour, of the shift for which they are scheduled. That means a LOT of wasted time each workday, and increasingly, our time is becoming the most valuable commodity we have. By being in more places at once via the web and having open access portals where customers can come to you with questions, comments, and concerns, at any time, you don’t have to work the same set schedule. Instead, you get more say-so in when you work and when you don’t with flexibility in scheduling.


  1. They are looking your way more often.

First, there is the increase in population. With more people, there is a greater need for insurance products. But beyond that, there is the frequency with which a customer jumps ship. On the surface, that can seem like a bad thing, but if handled correctly, it can be one of the best to happen to your business. The reason customers change insurers so frequently — every two years on average — is because there are many insurance agents, who are failing to sell the customer on value. They’re not providing access to additional products and additional discounts. They’re not willing to make themselves available to customers at the customer’s convenience. They’re not using modern marketing channels to get the word out. This reality presents you with many golden opportunities to deliver. This also brings us to the last point.


  1. They are intensely loyal to the right agent.

Once customers have found what they’re looking for in an insurance relationship, they are intensely loyal. It isn’t uncommon for a customer, who purchased more than one policy from you to become a customer for life. And your odds only improve with each passing sale.


In Summary

Customers have been responsible for moving more cheese in the insurance industry than perhaps any cheese-mover from any other business. They’ve done this with their heavy adoption of technology and their full-on embrace of a more independent lifestyle. But they’ve also made your life simpler by delivering all the benefits listed above. What will you do to take advantage?

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