HometownQuotes is a thankful bunch…

In the season of Thanksgiving, we’d like to send many warm wishes to all the insurance professionals who choose to work with us. Without your business, we wouldn’t be able to help the millions of people we connect with every year.

Not only are we helping millions of individuals in communities across the country, we believe in supporting our local community here in Middle Tennessee as well. In early November we started a canned food drive, pitting departments against each other to see who could bring the most items. We set our goal at 500 cans/non-perishable items. At the time we thought that was a fairly lofty goal. Little did we know that number would be DOUBLED with our final item count. In just a few weeks, our company generated 1,159 food items!

Yesterday a group of us loaded up a few vehicles with the food donation and delivered it all to a food pantry in Spring Hill, TN called The Well. We learned that the food we donated will help more than 300 local families this holiday season.

That was certainly a great way to start off our Thanksgiving week. We hope you and yours a wonderful holiday!






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