Why Hometown Quotes’ Leads Are More Valuable

It’s possible to get leads at a cheaper price than those sold by Hometown Quotes, but you may find this familiar adage to be true: you get what you pay for. In the long run, there are several reasons that paying a bit more per lead makes economic sense. Here are three of them:

Reason 1 – Hometown Quotes Sells SEM Insurance Leads
Hometown Quotes generates leads by placing targeted advertising on specifically chosen search engines; this is known as search engine marketing (SEM). When potential customers are actively shopping for insurance online, our ads appear in response to specific keywords or phrases that they type. Then when they choose to click on our ad and fill out a form, their information is quickly run through a three-part check to determine if they are a likely fit for insurance products. Those customers that pass muster are sent within minutes to the agents that subscribe to our service.

Other companies do it differently. Some do little to no vetting of their leads, while others forward leads that are days or weeks old. Working with subpar leads wastes time and energy, which translates into fewer sales.

Reason 2 – Filters Are Included in the Cost
There are a number of reasons that agents might want to filter the leads they receive. For example, some agents may prefer to sell in a specific state or region that they know well. Others might be looking to sell only a specific type of insurance policies. Or maybe they only want to receive leads during specific work hours.

Hometown Quotes has a variety of filters available, and there is no additional charge to set them up or adjust them at any point. Contrast this with other lead providers that charge for filtering.

Reason 3 – Support Is Included in the Cost
Whether you’re signing up for leads for the first time, trying them again after a significant break or using them regularly, you’ll benefit from expert help. We include this support in our pricing. You’ll be assigned a specific person, a regional director who was hired by Hometown Quotes because of a proven past track record as a successful insurance agent. This individual will be available to help you work out any kinks and tell you about the best practices of others who are finding success with our leads.

Our regional directors are also backed by customer-service staff members who work directly for Hometown Quotes. You’ll never have to deal with a frustrating call center. And our educational website, Hometown University, is another source for tips and ideas. For example, check out this article with three tips for selling online leads.

In addition to higher-quality leads, custom filtering and accessible support, you also get a company that truly cares about helping you succeed. Hometown Quotes wants to be your partner to help you generate more business and build your book. Call 1-888-808-6007 or click here to get started.

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