Have a trouble customer?

Keeping insurance clients happy is the way many of us stay in business…or even have business. What about those problem customers, though? We all have them…or have had them, at some point. Rohit Bhargava, one of my favorite marketing bloggers, offers insight on handling difficult customers.

1) Dig down to the real issue.
2) Focus on what you can fix.
3) Kindly and gently raise the issue.
4) Give him/her another chance. And maybe a second one…but the third strike is out.
5) Politely terminate the relationship and refer to another insurance service provider.
6) Start fresh with new prospects.

Rohit expands on each idea in his blog post. I think all insurance professionals can relate with this issue. While most customer relationships are wonderful, there are always a few that just aren’t profitable or fair. If a customer is a consistent drain on your business or your team’s productivity, it may be beneficial to both you and the customer to part ways. Follow Rohit’s tips to do this successfully.

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