Google’s Insurance Plunge: Why They Should Fear You

Google, the king of Internet search, has been plotting its foray into the insurance world for quite some time, and that has many less assertive insurance agents concerned. But before giving up the ghost and letting this newcomer invade your territory, you should know that there isn’t as much to fear as you would expect. In fact, you have some key advantages that should make Google fear you! Let’s examine the reasons, shall we?


1. Google isn’t the only way people connect. In fact, when it comes to being social, the search giant is quite terrible at it.

Just look to Google+. Yes, there are many users, many of whom had to sign up at one point in order to get a Gmail account, but engagement is nothing compared to what it is on Facebook and Twitter. Social media has been something of a game-changer because it means that you do not have to be subject to the complexities of what Google deems “good SEO” (search engine optimization). While it certainly won’t hurt your business to be knowledgeable of how to get ranked highly on Google, it’s not your only outlet, and that’s a good thing. We don’t recommend you neglect your Google presence, but we do insist that you pursue social media channels and other diverse means of reaching out. Also, don’t underestimate the power of meeting people in person and building relationships that way. It may be old school, but it still works! Considering that social media platforms are competitors to Google, and the fact that they’re not about to get so hyper-local that they’re meeting prospects in coffee shops, you have an advantage when it comes to getting your name and insurance products out there.


2. Google Insurance attempts to take ‘the experience’ out of it, and that’s the one thing that ensures longevity.

Google is a company that offers many powerful tools that you would be wise to take advantage of, but that could also be the company’s downfall when it comes to the insurance market. Google is built on simplification of user experiences, but that logic as applied to the insurance market threatens to eliminate personalized service. Let’s face it. Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all thing, and insurance leads only trust themselves to find the cheapest prices. Over time, they find that there isn’t a lot of VALUE in chasing low prices. They either end up with not enough insurance, or they overlook certain areas of their life that can benefit from more policies, which in turn can lead to deeper discounts. As an agent, you are in the position to work with your customers and find a plan that speaks to their specific situation. That’s why close to 20 years into the mass-Internet age, more than 70 percent of online shoppers are still closing the deal through agents.


3. Google Insurance will never know local the way you know local.

Yes, good local SEO on Google will get you placed ahead of the guy selling insurance a few blocks down the road, but it doesn’t dig as deeply into the definition of local as it should. Since Google is using its search prowess as the pillar for its insurance business, it’ll never be able to explore all local avenues in a way that yields the best results. In other words, the company has what it takes to be a player in the game, but not MVP.


4. You can offer a broader range of freedom, convenience, and personalization to clients.

At day’s end, you can offer more than what Google is capable of doing because you’re the one building relationships with clients. You’re not just making one specific product more convenient to purchase; you’re making VALUE easier to obtain. You have the tools and the nimbleness to move in a way that a large corporation can’t. You can offer 24/7/365 personalization, in fact, and that’s something that Google will have to work a lot harder to achieve.


In Summary

As Google starts to take a more active role in the insurance market, don’t let yourself get spooked by their size and reach. You have more ammunition to fight this battle than you think. It’s just a matter of using what you know in new and creative ways.

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