Focusing on what’s important for your insurance business

As an insurance professional who is trying to build your book of business, retaining customers and closing sales are two of your most important goals.

Are you laser-focused on these goals? Does your to-do list reflect that focus?

With the zing of incoming email, texts and other alerts coming through on your mobile device and/or computer, it’s easy to get caught up in the instant gratification of  “now”.  I recommend refocusing that time spent perusing email, replying to texts, alerts, etc. and make sure your focus is on what is vital to your bottom-line – keeping customers happy, getting referrals and closing new sales.

Never before have we been so distracted. Yes, technology is important and it aids us in furthering endeavors with our insurance businesses, but technology can also deter us from our goals, if we allow it to do so.

For information about refocusing on the goals you’ve set for your insurance business, I recommend reading “Unplugging From Your Addiction to Email”. Unplug and focus on closing more sales today!

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