Facebook, Bing, Retargeting Ads: Your $15 Per Week Marketing Plan

Online marketing often sounds mystifying to insurance pros, who’ve yet to dig in and learn the tools they need to thrive. Horror stories about not understanding something about pay per click limits and getting a $1 million bill in the mail are not likely to happen, but they do permeate the conscience of the uninitiated. Luckily, you can get a lot of traction for your insurance marketing efforts with very little investment. There are three tools in particular that you need to be implementing, as pointed out in a recent Entrepreneur piece.

Jason Parks, CEO of The Media Captain, encourages online marketers — which 21st Century insurance agents need to be — to try out a number of tools in his piece, “How to Implement a Killer Online-Marketing Strategy for $15 a Week.” While you would be wise to listen to everything that Jason suggests, there are three relatively passive tools that you can start using to some effect today. Let’s look at each one.



Parks believes that you can generate a large number of impressions through Facebook without having to break the bank. In fact, he recommends spending just $1, five days per week. As Facebook continues to tweak its algorithms, it’s forcing more businesses to pony up the dough if they want to reach more of the people in their news feed. This isn’t exactly a welcome change from what the social network started out as, but it’s still an effective tool for garnering attention with the right post. The best thing about advertising through Facebook, of course, are the killer metrics. You don’t have to be a tech genius to see how each post is performing. Not only can you see the types of posts that are doing well vs. those doing poorly, but you can also see how users are interacting with it, where they’re from, how you’re doing this week/year compared to last.



Parks champions Bing for an obvious reason. It’s often thought of as the black sheep of the search engine family. The reality, however, is that many people use Bing each day, and the competition for keywords is much lower. While you may be exposed to millions on Google ads, for instance, it doesn’t do you much good when you’re constantly being outbid and forgotten. With Bing, you can spend less money and reach an audience that is likely to be more engaged. But how much should you spend if you expect to see results? Parks recommends $1.30 each day, or $6.50 for the week. Add that to the Facebook total, and we’re up to $11.50.


Retargeting Ads

The last $3.50 of your weekly online marketing budget should go to retargeting ads. These are cookies that can track your users use across the Internet, so if they visit your site, your advertisement could end up on all the popular websites they visit throughout the day. Huffington Post, ESPN, you name it, and that’s where your ad could end up. Parks recommends just 70 cents per day on this, bringing the grand total to $15.


In Summary

While each of these tools can be your ticket to thousands of targeted insurance leads, you cannot afford to neglect content. You want your online prospects to have something worth clicking on, so make sure that you work first to build a content hub that answers people’s questions and addresses their pain points. If the content is strong, then and only then should you think about spending money for outreach. What questions do you have about online marketing channels? Are there any you’ve used in the past or that you’re currently using that you would recommend?

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