Email marketing for your insurance business – Who are your readers?

who-are-you1A few days ago, we shared our view about how email marketing can boost your insurance business and how we recommend you create an email marketing plan to implement with your regular insurance marketing tactics.

The first step to creating your email marketing plan is to describe your audience. Who will you be targeting with your email messages?  Are you targeting fellow business owners? Current customers and prospects? Just your warm market? Just your cold market?

Envision this group of people who will be your readers and write down a few adjectives to describe them. Are they:

– cutting edge?
– money-savers?
– stressed?
– entrepreneurial?
– coverage-focused?
– parents?

You’ll want to keep these words in mind as you’re creating your insurance newsletter because you want your content to be timely and relevant to them. What topics and information will appeal to the audience you’ve described?

Our next blog post will cover how to define the purpose of your email marketing. Stay tuned!

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