Email marketing for your insurance business – What are your goals?

goalsAs we proceed with our blog series about how you can leverage email marketing for your insurance agency, today’s post will cover why it’s important to set goals for your email marketing plan.

As any successful business person knows, a strategy without goals or milestones is destined to fail. Whether you’re planning a grand opening or a social media campaign, it’s vital that you set goals and outline outcomes so you know whether or not your plan was a success and whether or not you need to make a change or tweak something for the next initiative. Although goals can change, defining them is necessary for keeping your project on target.

So we’ve established that setting goals for your email marketing plan is imperative. What will these goals look like and how will they be measured?

First, start with setting large, long-term goals. Define the tactics you’ll implement to achieve that goal. Then, explain how you will measure the goal. For example:

1. I will increase my email marketing list by 35% within one year.
2. I will achieve this goal by creating newsletter sign up sheets to have at all conferences, collecting business cards at industry events, adding a sign up box on our website and all social media sites, etc.
3. I will measure the success of this goal by using the reporting features offered by my email marketing program.

Once you’ve established these overarching goals, break them down into smaller goals. (i.e. Attend 3 networking events every month. Attend 2 conferences every quarter. Tweet about email newsletter 2x every day.)

Now make sure you put these goals into action!

Parts 4 & 5 of this five-part series are coming up next, so stay tuned!

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