Email marketing for your insurance business: Keeping your list clean

Last August we started a series about email marketing for your insurance business and we covered 5 key questions to help you put together an email marketing plan.

Now that you (hopefully!) have your email marketing plan in place, it’s important that you keep your email contact list clean. What do we mean by “clean”? A clean email list is one that has been scrubbed of bad or inactive email addresses and is also clear of email addresses from anyone who has requested to unsubscribe from your email list. Here is a list of best practices to ensure your insurance agency’s email marketing list is clean (and therefore, more successful and profitable):

– Delete inactive email addresses: Take time to look through your most recent email campaign reports and note the open rates compared to the overall frequency of email you’ve sent. Some contacts may not be opening your emails regularly. We recommend adding these contacts to a special list to create email marketing messages with the purpose of re-building those relationships.

– Remove role addresses or group distribution email addresses: As you’re cleaning your email list, look for email addresses that begin with “all”, “sales”, “info”, “help” or something similar. These are typically email distribution groups, meaning, when you send an email to this address, the message will be delivered to a group of people…which increases the possibility for your email to be marked as spam. Remove these and avoid adding these types of email addresses in the future.

– Perform list maintenance regularly: A week after every email distribution, review your email reports and delete any bounced email addresses. Remove unsubscribe requests immediately or designate a few minutes every week to remove them.

Always remember that a scrubbed email list will perform leaps and bounds better than a poorly maintained email list. Follow these tips and watch your email marketing become much more profitable!

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