Email marketing for your insurance business – Defining your purpose

what-is-your-purpose-email-marketingTo continue on with our series about email marketing, today we’re going to focus on establishing the ultimate purpose of your email marketing.

So what is the purpose behind your email marketing strategy?

According to the “How to create an email marketing plan” guide by MailChimp, your purpose will answer these questions:

1) Why is what I have to say important to my audience?
2) What data, articles, topics & etc. will be useful to this audience?
3) What do I ultimately want to accomplish with this email marketing plan?

Just as it’s important to define your audience, it’s equally important to focus on what you want to accomplish with your email marketing. Any time you’re writing content for your email newsletter or want to send an email update to your audience, always ask yourself if this action will reinforce your overall purpose.

So tell us…what is YOUR purpose?

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