Email management for insurance agents

productivityDo you save all of your emails? Does it take you more than 10 seconds to scroll from one end of your inbox to the other? Are you constantly searching for important messages, but just can’t seem to find them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from inbox outrage. And that means you could also be missing out on important prospects!

Follow these tips to remove the chains of email clutter and be on your way to a neat and tidy, productive inbox:

1) Review every day. Depending on how many messages your inbox currently contains, I recommend reviewing all of your emails at least once a day to see whether or not messages may be deleted. The more messages, the more time it takes to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2) Create just a few file folders. The more folders you have, the more difficult it will be to find the message you need. Reduce the number of messages in your inbox by first creating a “save” folder. Only move your most important emails to this folder. If you begin seeing patterns in the types of messages you’re saving, you may want to create a few more file folders in which you may categorize your messages even further. (It would be advisable to create a “current client” folder as well as a “prospective client” folder. If you purchase Internet leads from HometownQuotes, you could create a “HometownQuotes” folder or an “Internet leads” folder. Just remember to keep your file folders at a minimum to reduce confusion.

3) Read it. Do it. Now delete or save. After moving your most important messages to your new file folders, review the messages that remain in your inbox. If the remaining messages are no longer useful or do not require action or attention, delete them. It’s easy to let your email get out of control if you do not routinely monitor your messages and delete or save them to a folder as necessary.

4) Only one email per topic, please. FW: FW:, RE: RE: RE:, etc. I’ve had countless strings of emails litter my inbox. If you’re a contributor within a chain of email responses, remember to keep the most recent emailand toss the previous related messages. As long as the necessary information is included in the most recent email, you do not need the prior messages.

5) No scrolling. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to scroll through my inbox. More message scrolling for me means more messages getting lost and less productivity. Delete more = scroll less.

If your email inbox is overflowing, follow these tips to mellow your symptoms of inbox outrage and be on the high-road to recovery.

Do you have a specific email management method that your fellow insurance agents would find helpful? Please share here.

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