Elite Insurance Agents Vs. Average Joes: What Separates The Two?

Elite insurance agents are much harder to come by than the Average Joe in a suit and tie. It stands to reason. If they were like grains of sand, there wouldn’t be much “elite” about them. No, these are people, who definitely stand out in their field. They’re a commodity worth holding on to for any insurance agency. If you’d like to know how you can become one, you must first understand the qualities they possess that set them apart. Here are five.


  1. 1. Elites are motivated by more than money.

Of course, they want to make money! But they didn’t get to the “elite” professional level by being motivated by the Almighty Dollar. No, they honestly believed in what they were doing, and that belief led them to be much better at approaching prospects, answering questions, and servicing customers. In other words, they are motivated by the belief that their work does good and makes a difference. They enjoy their work and take pride in their successes. Paycheck-chasers, or individuals who put their earnings first, second, and third, rarely (if ever) reach “elite” status.


  1. 2. Elites are proactive.

Elite insurance agents don’t wait for someone else to solve their problems or answer their questions if they know that they possess the skills and attributes to handle things for themselves. They don’t have to be told where to go or what to say or how to respond when asked a question that may seem perplexing. Rather than trying to “get by,” they’re not afraid to tell a client, “You know what, that’s a great question and I don’t have an answer right now, but I’ll get you one as soon as I’m done here.” They also understand that the chances for success are higher if they generate their own leads instead of relying strictly on the company or boss to furnish.


  1. 3. Elites know how to market themselves.

Average Joe agents expect for all marketing efforts to come from a higher power. They seldom find success on their own, and anything they find with a company is mediocre. Elite agents take the opposite approach, realizing they have a great deal more say in how they reach prospects. They go to where prospects are, measure their successes and failures, develop innovative and cost-effective means for outreach, and network with people who might be potential customers (or who might lead them to an interested insurance lead).


  1. 4. Elites are great communicators.

Elite agents know how to tell their superiors if there is something they lack in doing their job effectively. They know how to put customers’ minds at ease. They’re able to answer questions that might be considered “off-script” without seeming aloof. Elite agents also know how to make insurance policies accessible to prospects, who may look at said policies like a second language. In short, elite agents are flexible enough to be effective in any situation — as expert, as employee, as customer service representative, etc.


  1. 5. Elites are fearless.

Finally, elite agents realize there is no such thing as status quo. You are either growing or falling behind. They prefer growth and are fearless in their approach of trying new things to reach or get through to prospects. They’re not afraid of failure, but they never have failures they don’t learn from.


In Summary

An elite insurance agent knows their products and prospects well enough to connect the two in a meaningful (and profitable) way. If you are wanting to reach this level and aren’t quite there yet, ask yourself how you can move closer to each one. If you run your own agency and are looking to expand, use the qualities presented here as a checklist for finding the right people.

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