Creating Excuses: 3 Tips to Make Sure You Stop Doing It

An unfortunate fact of being human is that we are often guilty of creating excuses that keep us from reaching our full potential. This is especially true in the area of insurance sales. We can’t achieve this or that because of “the Internet” or some other fabricated reason. Success can be as scary as failure sometimes, and we’ll do whatever we can to keep ourselves from achieving it, perhaps because we’re not ready to face the challenges and the risks involved in getting there. That’s why we’ve put together this quick list of tips you can use to overcome this often self-created obstacle. Let’s get started!


1. Find what youre not achieving

Finding success is all about taking steps toward the accomplishment of a certain goal. Think about where you are in your career and ask yourself this question: is there somewhere else I want to be at this point in my journey? It often helps to look at others, who are where you want to be for help in establishing these types of goals. If there is a top producer at your company, for instance, what does he do to get there from a sales and marketing perspective? You need to establish some idea of what you’re not achieving in order to build toward the goal.


2. Find the reason youre not there yet

What is the secret excuse that’s keeping you from getting where you want to be? Can you not afford a billboard on the Interstate or a competent online marketing team to help you build a site and a social media presence that attracts followers? Is cost really the issue holding you back, or is it something else? Pinpoint the “if only” part of your perceived failures. You may not be able to fix everything overnight, but you can take a small step and then another and another until you’re further along than where you are now. The key is to find out where all your excuses are coming from. Once you know the reason(s) you’re not “there yet,” or the reason you think you’re not, you have a map that you can start following.


3. Turn excuses into challenges

We alluded to it in tip number two, but it’s definitely worth singling out. Your excuses will tell you a lot about the road to success — how to get on it, how to travel it until you arrive at the destination. What you have to do, once you know what the excuses are, is turn them into challenges. How many of you would feel good about yourselves if someone walked up to you and stole your child’s Christmas present or swatted you across the face? It would probably get your blood boiling and send you into Beast Mode. That’s how you have to look at the excuses. You have to look at them as the things that are stealing something — say, your pride or sense of accomplishment — from you. Once you’ve made enemies of your excuses, you can set out to conquer.


In Summary

It’s not easy to face failure, but it’s something you will have to do in your life as an agent and as a human being. Don’t let failure be the end of your journey, and don’t let it turn you into an excuse maker. By pinpointing where you want to be, the excuses that are holding you back from achievement, and the challenges to help you overcome, you’ll be able to lead a proactive personal and professional life. Best of luck as you find your path away from creating excuses!

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