Closing the Sale

Life Evolves and So Do Closing Techniques

There is a ton of advice about how to close sales. You’ll find lists of words you should say and lists of words you shouldn’t say, advice telling you to always explain thoroughly and advice saying you should talk as little as possible.

It’s good practice for an insurance agent to seek out new ideas regularly because life evolves. (“Always speak to the man of the house” used to be a thing, right?) Plus, what works in one situation may not work in another. But with so much (sometimes conflicting) information about the best way to close a sale, it can be hard to know where to begin.

This piece is about that beginning—exploring some of the factors you should consider before you try on a different sales technique.

Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses
What are you good at? What are you not-so-good at? An extrovert may find it easier to directly ask a customer for a sale. An introvert may be better at listening and making a sale by anticipating a customer’s needs.

You don’t need to judge yourself, just evaluate. Ask trusted family members or close friends to describe your strengths and weaknesses. They may identify qualities that you weren’t even aware of. Remove your ego if you can. Once you have a clear idea of how your unique traits are perceived by others, look for sales advice that fits what you do well.

Set Up a Tracking System
How will you know if a new sales technique is successful? Set up some kind of system to track metrics before you start.

It can be as simple as a log that compares sales month-to-month or year-to-year, or you can keep a spreadsheet detailing additional measurements like the amount of time spent, the number of contacts made, the type of contacts, and whether a specific type of closing attempt was successful or not. Keep in mind that tracking will only be effective if you periodically set aside time to analyze the data to see what works. You should be looking not only at if you closed a sale or not, but also at whether the amount of time and effort you put into doing so made it worthwhile.

Experiment Simultaneously
Why put all of your eggs in one basket? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

If you suspect that your closing techniques need updating, commit to using a new method for half of your new leads in a month and continue with your tried-and-true methods for the other half. Then compare your results. Or split your business 60/40. Or 75/25. Only you know your risk tolerance. Use whatever ratio enables you to feel secure while you try a new idea.

Prepare to Be Itchy
Remember the first time you grew a beard or wore skinny jeans? It felt a little uncomfortable, didn’t it?

We all know that we’ll feel discomfort when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones. But we do it anyway. Because that’s how positive change occurs.

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