Build a Better Insurance Blog with These 5 Tips

Too many insurance agents are not giving their blog the time and attention that it deserves. They don’t realize the effective tool that it can be for building expertise, garnering attention, and getting highly qualified leads. We hope to change that today with a list of five tips that can make any blog a better blog. Consider how you might apply these principles to your role as an insurance agent.


1. Publish quality posts.

Who is to say what “quality” is? Well, you can for starters. You know what issues are important to your insurance customers, don’t you? The questions they have, what keeps them up at night? Turn each of these questions, comments, and concerns, into a post that offers a solution. To make sure that you are producing a particularly worthy post, run it through an editing program like the Hemingway App and read it aloud back to yourself before hitting “Publish.” Your posts can be real problem solvers, and that’s a great way to build content quickly.


2. Be consistent.

There has long been question of how often one should post to their blog. While some will say that every day is good, others will (rightfully) tell you not to do so if it affects quality. As a general rule, you should post whenever you have something meaningful to say. They key is to find something meaningful to say with enough regularity that visitors can count on it. While they will forgive you ducking out for a few days or a week, you don’t want to let too much time go by or they will forget about you, and then one day wonder why they’re still following.


3. Use local and hyper-local SEO to your advantage.

While Google has largely deemphasized the importance of keyword recurrences, you’d better believe that it still matters whether your content follows a specific strand. Competition is generally fierce for generic industry keywords, but when you mix it up by including your town or location, that can greatly improve your odds of winning high rank. Just make sure that the local+keyword combination is something likely to be searched by someone in your area. Furthermore, keep your eye on hyper-local keywords. What do we mean by hyper-local? Well, today “Boulder insurance agent” may get you some traction, but when you go hyper-local you’re thinking more in neighborhood terms. Proximity matters to your prospects, and it should matter to your SEO.


4. Run a giveaway.

Giveaways may be an oldie but they still work for getting attention and for urging your friends/followers to share your content with others. It never fails. If a giveaway is compelling enough — as in the prize is worth it — you will add subscribers to your blog. Consider giving away something of substance, like an AppleWatch or Samsung Gear. The free gift does not have to be insurance-specific, but it could be. You wouldn’t have to look hard on a smartwatch, for instance, to find some kind of insurance tie-in application that customers would appreciate.


5. Dare to be different.

While “being different” is easier said than done, it’s still possible to utilize an original-to-your-area idea to draw attention or develop compelling content. Of course, one of the best things that you can do to be different is to learn what your competitors are doing and chart a different course wherever it makes sense to do so. But while you’re at it, allow yourself to be open to good ideas that you see as well. Just be prepared to put your own spin on them.


In Summary

Do you have an insurance blog that you regularly update? What are some tips that have helped you along the way? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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