Breaking the routine in your insurance business

I’ve mentioned Seth Godin on this blog several times. With short, concise and thought-provoking blog posts, Seth shares daily insight valuable to any business owner, employee, marketer or entrepreneur – regardless of industry.

One of his recent posts covered monotony and giving less than your best. It can be so easy to settle into a routine. Insurance quote after insurance quote. Insurance policy after insurance policy. Day after day. As Seth illustrates, however, this isn’t the way to live. We’re constantly looking for what’s “next” versus focusing on what’s in front of us or preparing for what’s next.

My favorite line of this particular post is the closing sentences:

‘Perhaps the alternative is instead of thinking, “next!”, we can think, “last!”

This might be the last time I get to do this.

If I do it that way, it increases the chances that it won’t.’

Well put Seth.  What are you going to implement in your insurance business today to break the routine and make every interaction count?

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