Be remarkable = get referrals!

One of my favorite blogs of all time is by Seth Godin. You’re probably familiar with his books – “Purple Cow“, “The Dip“, “Tribes” and his newest work “Linchpin“.

You can count on Seth to post a morsel of marketing goodness and/or business wisdom on his blog daily. With short, easy to digest, yet incredibly thought-provoking posts, Godin’s blog is a must-have-bookmarked site for any businessperson, whether you’re an insurance professional or not.

A few weeks ago, Seth posted some valuable insight about finding referrals. We know that referrals are a lifeline in the insurance business. The key point of his post is: To get referrals, you must be a remarkable person. I’m including this line directly: “The only thing that will make you remarkable is being worth remarking about.”

Let that settle in for a moment.

What does it mean to be remarkable?

1. notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary.
2. worthy of notice or attention.
Would you define yourself as a remarkable insurance agent? What about you is worthy of notice or attention? What makes you notable unusual or extraordinary?
Do you interact genuinely with your customers and your prospects? Do you go above and beyond to make sure customers understand the lingo in their new insurance policies? What makes you different? How do you set yourself apart as a remarkable insurance pro?

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