Are you satisfied with your career as an insurance agent?

Businessman Stretching Out Arms in JoyIn the editor’s letter of this month’s Agent’s Sales Journal, Christina Pellett poses a fantastic question every insurance professional should consider: Are you satisfied with your job? Are you sure?

She proceeds to explain how, during the NAILBA convention, author and keynote speaker Daniel Pink shared his prediction of how “those with great left-brain abilities but zero right-brain abilities will fail in this economy.” He also recommended insurance agents develop more right-brain skills like storytelling and relationship-building.

This brings us back to Christina’s question. Are you satisfied with your career as an insurance professional? If you had millions of dollars saved up and 10 years to live, would you continue your path in the insurance industry and would you still be running your insurance business the way you’re running it now?

Now, more than ever, we all need to think about why we’re doing what we’re doing. Customers flock to those who are passionate about helping people. When you’re not satisfied with what you’re doing, it shows. Customers know.

So what’s your plan?

Are you adapting with the times? Do you know your core purpose? Will 2010 be the year you focus and watch your insurance business explode? I hope you can answer yes to each of those questions.

Know that we’re here to empower you to grow. We want to see you (and your employees, family, community, etc.) succeed. If there’s something we’re not doing to help you do that, TELL US. We’re all ears.

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