Are you building relationships online?

As with any business, insurance agents must be stellar relationship-builders. Creating a relationship with someone online versus face-to-face, however, can offer a variety of challenges.

If you have a social media presence or a blog, how are you leveraging those profiles to build relationships? Are you sharing your expertise? Are you highlighting positive events in your community? We’ve mentioned insurance agent and blogger Ryan Hanley a few times here on our blog. We think he has great recommendations for boosting your online visibility and creating more genuine, authentic online connections with prospects. Here are a few of his tips:

1) Use local keyword content. For people in your area to find you, you’ll need to use keywords they would be likely to search for when they visit a search engine.

2) Highlight the thought leaders in your community. What local individuals make an impact? Who are the voices for change? Feature someone who makes a difference as a guest blog post.

3) Ask customers to help you spread the word. Your customers are your customers for a reason. If you’ve taken care of them and they’ve put their trust in you to protect their assets, they probably don’t mind to tell others how you’ve helped them. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.

What are your tips for connecting with insurance customers in your community?

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