6 Ways to Improve Your Insurance Site’s Content

If you are going to start keeping an insurance blog with regular content updates, then you need to make sure that it is worth the time and money invested. While hiring a professional writer with experience in the insurance industry is a plus, it does not act as an adequate substitute for your own voice and expertise. So before you turn over the reins to a blog writer, familiarize yourself with what it takes to have fresh and compelling content. Here are some suggestions.


1. Interesting data and studies

There are many places to look for new and interesting data and studies. Start with the types of insurance products that you sell. Do you sell homeowners insurance? Life insurance? Renters insurance? Auto insurance? Drill down into some of these topics, or have a freelancer do it, and find studies that may be of interest to your prospects and customers. Examples: death statistics caused by texting while driving, geo specific information on the number of break-ins per year as well as most likely targets, reliability of automobile security devices, etc.


2. Customer appreciation spotlights

Since your primary market will be right outside your backdoor, why not select a few of your more remarkable customers or seize the opportunity when one of these customers does something remarkable, and create a flattering spotlight that they can probably show off to their Facebook friends and other close friends and family members?


3. Community appreciation spotlights

Similar to the customer appreciation spotlights, you could also shine a light of appreciation on businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other entities that make your community a great place to live. This may not mean that you end up doing business with the entities themselves, but it could mean that you attract new customers through your common appreciation for an organization that is important to them.


4. Questions your customers and prospects may have

Social media, when done right, is a great source of customer outreach. An active social media account can be your prospects and customers’ lifeline to your business and to getting their questions in front of you. And here’s the thing: if one customer is having a specific type of problem or concern, chances are more are as well. That’s what makes customer questions such a great fodder for blog post ideas.


5. Interviews with experts

Occasionally you may be able to find a professional or a colleague capable of shedding better light on a topic than you can with your own expertise. If one of these people, such as a claims adjuster, can provide value for your customers and prospects, why not sit down for an interview, which you can then have transcribed or placed on your blog as is?


6. Tips for saving money on insurance

Sharing money-saving tips is another great way to attract attention to your blog. What parent, for instance, wouldn’t welcome and appreciate your efforts to save them money as their 16-year-old prepares to drive solo for the first time? The more you know about your customers, the more specific and useful money-saving tips you will be able to provide as it relates to their insurance situation. Every one of these posts will get clicks and shares.


In Summary

21st Century insurance agents know that they need a viable and active online presence. That’s because most people consult the web before making buying decisions. Don’t be like agents who are stuck in a 20th-century mindset and figure they will get around to the whole website thing one day. Start building your presents today with an interactive, original, and compelling content source.

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