6 Time Management Tips For Insurance Agents

Time management is one of the biggest helpers to taking your insurance business to the next level. Unfortunately, life can get so fast-paced that plans and details go out the window at the first sign of trouble. This also happens to be the point where an insurance agent starts to unravel. That’s why it’s important we take a little time to review some positive time management tips that you can put to use now rather than later (aka “too late”). Let’s get started!


1. Know Your Numbers.

It goes without saying, but for the rest of the plan we’re about to roll out, it’s worth a mention. Every business person — insurance agent or otherwise — needs to have a goal to work towards. How much revenue do you need to keep the doors open and the lights on? How much do you need to live the life that you have envisioned for yourself and, when applicable, your employees? Additionally, how much revenue does each policy sold represent? What is your success rate in converting prospects to customers? How many customers are new (in the last three years) versus your long-timers? (You want to know the answer to this because your short-timers are where you really need to focus the most retention efforts.)


2. Translate Numbers Into An Action Plan.

Once you know the answers to number one, you should be able to lay out an action plan for the week, the month, and the year. Your weekly plan will require immediate attention, but if done correctly, it will take you closer to hitting monthly goals, which in turn will help you surpass yearly expectations.


3. Create A Game Plan For Your Whole Week The Night Before.

Once you know your yearly/monthly/weekly goals, you need to zero in on the weekly part since it will require immediate action. Sit down with a pen and paper the night before your week begins and write everything out by hand. This will help your mind to slow down and focus on what it knows about what needs to happen rather than what it thinks it knows about what needs to happen. See, our techie lifestyle places so much emphasis on speed and convenience that we can easily overlook things that need to get done. Handwriting forces us to pay more attention to detail.


4. Focus On Major Goals First.

Try to accomplish one major goal a day, even if it’s the only thing you accomplish. The details can wait. By getting the pressing stuff off your plate — like prospect meetings, for example — your mind will kick in to a more productive gear, and you’ll be able to more effectively manage projects of all shapes and sizes.


5. Make Time For The Details.

Item four is important, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the small stuff. If you have some time left after accomplishing a major goal, try to fill out your day by tackling the smaller details. This will allow you to cross more things off the list and help you build energy for the next major goal.


6. Eliminate What You Can.

Starting out, this may not be possible, but it should absolutely be your goal to eliminate the details that don’t matter as much but that nevertheless need to get done. Data entry is a great example of just such a task. You may not be able to afford an employee at first, but the longer you stay in, you won’t be able to not afford it.


In Summary

As an insurance agent, you will face many challenges throughout your career. But an effective time management plan can help you meet each of these challenges successfully.

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