6 Qualities Every Insurance Agent Must Have for a Breakthrough

Do something long enough, and you’ll get good at it. That’s not to say you can just show up and everything will be fine, however. You do have to exhibit certain qualities while you’re going about the job, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of the insurance agent. In all, we’ve identified 6 qualities that every insurance agent must have to finally reach a breakthrough. Let’s look at each one.


1. Be Inquisitive

If you’re going to build a vision for your company, your sales game, your marketing plan, your customers, and your lifestyle, you simply must ask questions. It has to become in your nature to drill down to the potentially mundane in order to arrive at a better idea of what everything looks and feels like. Being inquisitive and not being inquisitive is the difference between cold calling and targeting highly qualified leads. Get to know your customers at an almost elemental level, and you’ll be able to develop the marketing strategy that allows you to never cold call again. That’s because prospects will be coming to you.


2. Be Persistent

People rarely buy policies the first few times you reach out to them, and almost never do it on meeting number one. In order to convert business, you have to stay visible during the prospect’s buying process, which likely won’t last longer than 30 days when it comes to buying a high-demand product like life insurance or auto insurance.


3. Be Able to Endure

Insurance agents know better than anyone that you win some and lose some. And when it comes to sales, it can seem like you’re losing a lot more than you’re winning — and that’s even when you’re successful! The only way to find success is to be able to conquer your fear of the word “no” as well as the power it can have over your actions. When you look at no as one step closer to a yes instead of failure, you’re not far away from finding success beyond your wildest imagination.


4. Be Organized

Bringing in a lot of business means that you’ll be wearing many hats — marketing, sales, educator, administrative personnel. You can’t do it all without multiple systems in place, and even then, you’ll likely need other human help the bigger you get. The only way to keep systems functioning smoothly — whether it’s just you or you and a small team of others — is to have each one organized and clearly defined so that it can become replicable.


5. Be Personable

Yes, people are buying insurance online these days, but here’s a secret that isn’t getting you off the hook when it comes to making personal connections with clients: they still prefer the agent. That’s because they want knowledge, value, and service, above all else. The only way to give that to them is to make them feel taken care of, and that means having a great deal of personality. You have to be able to make them feel comforted and taken care of come what may.


6. Be Creative

Your competition is getting more and more creative with how they reach out to customers, close sales, and retain them over the long haul. You can’t afford to be the non-creative type. Think of new ways to find highly qualified insurance leads, and pursue a variety of channels, never putting all your eggs in a single basket, so to speak.


In Summary

If you have each of these qualities, then whether you’re in your first year or your 10th year, you will find success as an insurance agent! What are some other qualities that a successful insurance agent must have? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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