6 Landing Page Tips Every Insurance Agent Should Know

As you ramp up your online presence, you will inevitably be faced with the need for great landing pages. While most insurance agents will have these done by a professional, it’s still important to know the elements of a good one, so you can rest assured that you’re getting what you pay for. In that regard, we’d like to share with you the 6 landing page tips that every insurance agent should know. Let’s get started.


1. Its not a landing page, its a landing experience

Think about how leads typically find their way to your landing page. They see an ad online. They click it. It takes them to your page, where they make the decision to read over a few more benefits and leave their contact information. They submit the info, and it goes to a thank-you page. Here you might consider leaving them with a parting gift of appreciation. There are numerous entry points into your landing page, and all of those, along with the page itself and the confirmation-thank you page, should follow similar tone. Remember this is your branding, and it needs to be a nice, uniform experience that doesn’t disorient your insurance lead. That goes for both design and language used.


2. Use Video

Do you struggle to write compelling copy? Are you much better as a personality? You’re in luck. Video doesn’t eat up Internet speeds nearly as badly as it used to. Most people are capable of playing video on any computer or device with few to zero playback errors. By offering your pitch via video, you can simplify the entire landing page process and allow your visitors to hear what they need to in five minutes or less.


3. Opt for Clean Design

Don’t use fancy programming language or loud designs. Keep your page simple and the emphasis on benefits over features. You want the audience to “see” how going with you will improve their lives.


4. Establish Your Credibility

Endorsements and testimonials can work wonders for your reputation and make signups a no-brainer for the person visiting your site. If you need any help getting good testimonials, go to your friends list(s) on social media. Check with friends and family and the customers you already have who are satisfied with what you offer.


5. Leave with a Call to Action

Your audience always needs a call to action. Make sure you leave out any bold promises and words like “UNBELIEVABLE,” “AMAZING,” and “SPECTACULAR.” This is a serious decision, and these words have a tendency to oversell and sound very unprofessional.


6. Incentivize (without misleading)

Incentives are essential to earning your site visitor’s trust (and contact information), and they’re easier to pull off than you think. You could offer a free guide to insurance rates, a report of case studies of actual customers — their coverages, prices, and situations, with names redacted — or a free eBook on how to raise a safe teen driver. You might also offer to meet with them in person, offering to buy them a coffee in the process. The key is to offer them something relevant & keeping the focus on what they’re really looking for, not offering them a free tablet & tricking them into filling out a quote form.


In Summary

There are many things that you can do to stand out from the pack, and your landing page is one of them. For another option, consider purchasing leads from us here at Hometown Quotes. We’re the best in the business when it comes to vetting and giving you the information you need to find success. Let us prove it to you today.

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