5 Tips Insurance Pros Can Differentiate Their Content

Content marketing can feel like a waste of time when your primary purposes are to generate insurance leads and close sales. But don’t underestimate the power of this valuable tactic. For starters, with effective content marketing, you can have hot leads coming to you. Secondly, you can offer additional value to your existing customers and, perhaps, create customers for life. To make it work, though, you have to differentiate your content and make it memorable. Here’s how you can do it as an insurance professional.


Get on a local podcast or radio show.

Local podcasts can be a highly effective way of lending your expertise to younger demographics. Meanwhile, getting on a local radio show can reach older audiences, who still listen to FM instead of through a streaming app. Of course, when you get on one of these shows, you need to have something to talk about that fits in your wheelhouse, so try to make sure the program fits in with what you have to offer as an insurance agent. That could be anything from an interview on how to cut insurance costs to an interview about an upcoming local event that you are sponsoring.


Offer payment reminders, other updates on wearable technology.

Many local insurance agents are slow to adapt new technologies, and while the tech may be somewhat limited at present, you could still offer additional value through wearable technology (i.e. Fitbit, AppleWatch, Samsung Gear, etc). Think about optimizing an app for these types of wearable tech, so that your customers can start getting push notifications for updates to their privacy policies, cost savings tips, and payment reminders. It’s an add-on that will give additional value to your customers while showing them that you are forward-thinking.


Say it with video.

When offering online content that adds value to a prospect or lead’s life, don’t limit yourself to the written word. It’s probably a good idea to still use writing to sketch out what you’re going to say, but consider adding a video here and there that helps to condense the information for an audience that is always on the go.


Use storytelling.

When you are trying to explain difficult concepts to your customers, either online or in person, try to translate the boring into the interesting. The best way to do this is through storytelling. Instead of telling your clients how rate increases or decreases are determined, for instance, consider sharing a story about what happened to a specific customer’s premium when he got arrested for DUI and plowed his car into a tree. (Of course, in all things, honor confidentiality, so no actual names. You might change details as well, while making them comparable to what really happened.) Storytelling is effective because it signals to the customer or prospect that someone just like them experienced the same thing, “so I’d better listen.” That, and people just connect better with stories than they do data.


Ask me anything. 

The reddit AMA is one of the most popular things on the web. You don’t have to use reddit to host your own personal AMA, but you can give prospects and customers a set time where they can connect with you online or in person to ask any questions that might be on their mind. If in person, consider offering snacks and refreshments.


In Summary

Whether you are talking with someone in person or writing a blog post, you are a content provider whether you want to be or not. Using the above method, you can shake things up and make your content different from that of your competition. Go get ‘em!

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