5 Tips For Turning Your Clients Into Marketers

Hiring a marketing professional isn’t a bad idea if you can afford the overhead, but one of the most effective ways of building a strong customer base is to get it for free by turning your clients into marketers. How do you do that? By creating value, of course. So much value, in fact, that they can’t help but recommend you to other people. Follow these tips, and you’ll get there!


1. Listen to what they have to say.

When clients come to you first as prospects, don’t dismiss what they have to say even if you think they’re misguided about something. The first thing that people want to know when they’re considering a new business relationship is that they will be heard. That doesn’t mean you have to refrain from showing them a better way, but you should offer acknowledgement and understanding of what they’re telling you. And when you do respond to them, make sure that what you have in mind is really the best thing for their situation. Selling prospects on insurance they don’t need isn’t really a victory because if they ever realize it, then you’ve lost their trust forever.


2. Anticipate what they dont know.

This is a great way to win on value instead of price. If a customer has sourced cheaper auto insurance elsewhere, you can still win their business if you care enough to ask about their lives and their specific needs. You might not be able to win the short game, but if you can show them that a life insurance policy would protect their family in case of an accident and knock the overall price of their auto down cheaper than your competitors’ offerings, then you have changed the game in your favor. But to effectively pull this off, you must anticipate what your clients don’t know.


3. Dont forget about them after the sale.

There’s a reason so many customers fly the coop two to three years after signing with an insurer. They’ve likely bought from a company that was more than happy to accept their money at the time, but was less concerned about keeping their business. By not forgetting about the customer after that initial sale, you are always looking at new ways to save them money. That means learning about the customer — their family, their milestones, their new purchases and existing possessions. Learning as much as you can about a customer gives you more opportunities to serve their needs than a faceless website ever could. That’ll always make you more effective than the Internet when it comes to building customer loyalty.


4. Show appreciation.

If your customers have stuck with you for a year, two years, three years, 10 years, then always make a point to show your appreciation. You can do this in a number of ways: by sending thank-you cards, picking up a thoughtful gift based on what you know about them, remembering their birthdays or sending a special thank-you during the holidays. Add a personal touch when doing this, and they will value you as more than just an insurance agent.


5. Ask for referrals.

When you’ve built trust and cultivated that customer relationship, then you have a good idea what your customers will say about you. Look for those loyal individuals or for the customers, who seem particularly pleased with their experience. Once you find them, just ask plainly, “Do you know of anyone who may need to speak with an agent? I’d be honored if you could refer me to some of your friends and family.” Practice saying it the way that’s comfortable for you, and then let loose.


In Summary

Word-of-mouth has always been the best form of marketing that you can have. For all that the Internet has changed about the insurance business, it hasn’t changed that. (And won’t any time soon.) If you’re concerned about your marketing efforts to gain more insurance leads, get back to the basics and think of ways that you can turn your existing clients into marketers. The results will be much greater than anything you can hire out.

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